To my fellow horticultural professionals,


This personal message to you is to affirm that, Grimes can and will maintain our highest service levels to you despite the effects of the virus.

Our proud tradition of “Lightning Service & Order Processing” continues as always. We know that you depend on us to fill your needs as fast as possible.

Availability is still good on cuttings and plugs. And, we have good supply of seeds, for immediate shipment.

There is a lot of good news for growers:


  • Plant sales will be strong because over half the U.S. population is under “stay at home” orders
  • Gardening is not a team sport. It can be done alone or with family
  • Shopping at your greenhouse or garden center will be a joyful break from a quarantine
  • Plant sales are already very strong in the south. Great news
  • There is already a surge in increased vegetable seed sales
  • It is easy to understand why the population will want to grow their own vegetables
  • Most people want to have greater control over what they eat
  • Gardening remains one of the most popular hobbies in America today
  • Victory Gardens will make a comeback. Praise the Lord and pass the rake


You will be the beneficiary of more people gardening than ever before.

Let’s dig in together to maximize success!

Gary Grimes

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